Melissa L. Schlimm

  • NLP Master, NLP Trainer, NLP Practitioner (Inntal Institut, Germany)
  • Cultural Intelligence Certification (Cultural Intelligence Center, USA)
  • Bachelor of Law LL.B. (Germany)
  • Foreign language correspondent in English, French and Spanish (Germany)
About Melissa L. Schlimm

I have not taken the usual career road. Instead of doing my A-Levels I completed an education as foreign language correspondent and started working at IBM in 2003. After working a couple of years, I started to see the need of going back to university to be able to grow within the organization and have a career.

I have started coaching in 2009 after graduating as a Bachelor of Law. By then I had done various jobs aside my studies and found out that I was good at helping others to improve or finding new perspectives within their career. I helped peers and colleagues with their sales strategy, when I was in sales myself, with their interviewing skills when I was working as a recruiter or their overall career plan when they were struggling. This happened all aside my many coaching hours that I needed to complete with my NLP studies and the focus of mine happened to become challenges linked to career development.

By 2011 I completed my NLP studies aside my day to day job and had worked as a full-time sales trainer and coach across Europe. 2012 we moved to the Middle-East, where I headed the Learning & Development department until I decided to take the step into self-employment and set up ameliorate, my own company. Ameliorate means to improve or get better and this is the focus of what I do.

Working with me as a coach is a rather directive coaching, based on three cornerstones: a positive mindset (I can do), commitment (I want to) and personal ownership (I will do) and with tangible tools to help people to ameliorate.

  • Performance Management
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service
  • Recruitment
How Melissa L. Schlimm can help you

Ameliorate is an international human resources enabler supporting organizations in unlocking the real potential of their employees.

As a coach, I work with individuals to help them to use their full potential - communicate, cooperate, sell or service their clients using their whole range of skills. Individuals using their full potential, creates effective teams, enhances organisational performance and generates value for shareholders. You can do more and I help you to do that!

In a nutshell
I bring positive change & development to you with a smile.