Lubna Forzley

  • 20 Years in a Leadership role in top / blue chip organisations, including , Coca-Cola, the United Nations Development Programme, BNP Paribas, and Bank of Montreal.
  • Masters in Communication
  • Digital Marketing Certificate, Columbia University
  • Bachelors in HR
  • Bachelors in Marketing
About Lubna Forzley

Stories’, is a boutique story-transformation consulting, which helps leaders create stories worth sharing.

Prior to starting Stories, Lubna worked for more than 20 years in a leadership and managerial roles within International blue chip organisations and across various industries, including BNP Paribas, Coca-Cola, the United Nations Development Programme, and Bank of Montreal.

A disruptor and a believer in making an impact, she constantly added value and challenged executives to achieve a greater performance. An advocate for Women in Leadership positions, and a strong believer in women and the precious role they play in making this world a better place.

  • Marketing / Communication
  • Finding Purpose (your WHY!)
  • Transformation
  • Personal Branding
  • Corporate Culture
How Lubna Forzley can help you

Stories is a boutique story-transformation consulting focused on helping corporates transform their communication and culture.

  • Services for Individuals - Do you know your purpose? Do you have a story worth sharing? What is your Personal Brand? Amazing people like Oprah and Steve Jobs all had a purpose and a story worth sharing! They also have a powerful personal brand that is authentic! Personal branding is not just a buzz word, but rather something essential to help you stand out from the crowd, and more importantly help you live a fulfilled life. Through a variety of thought provoking questions and exercises, Lubna helps individuals and leaders find and communicate their personal brand.
  • Services for Companies - Have you ever heard of the super nanny? Well she sees herself as a business super nanny! She will hop from one business to the next, and help each one find a better way, with the intention to focus on transforming corporate culture & communication.
  • Cultural transformation - Do you have many disengaged employees or do you feel that your corporate culture and Internal Communication could use a boost? We bet that most of you will answer YES! That’s because most companies spend their energy on looking good on the outside before focusing on the inside. At Stories, they help you transform from the inside-out! They start by looking at your company purpose / your WHY, and then looking at your values, practices, internal communication, and cultural norms, and provide you with a plan to enhance these!
  • Communication Transformation - Do you feel that your Marcomms plans are not giving you the results you are expecting? Do you have a Marketing & Communication team that could use a boost? The reality is that the majority of companies continue to implement plans that are not human or data-driven. They spend their energy on Marketing to overwhelmed clients, who are glued to their phones, being influenced by their peers, rather than by those plans! At Stories, they help you transform these by starting with an audit, and finish off with strategies, plans, and so much more!
  • In a nutshell

    I am a very proud Mom a mint-lemonade lover and believer in transforming the lemons life throws at us, into lemonade!!