Introducing the world’s purest facial wipes

Its summer ladies and we bet it’s safe to say that you have a pretty jam-packed schedule? From non -stop activities with the kids, hitting the gym to important work meetings! We know that time can sometimes get ahead of us and our skin care routine comes far down the list of priorities.

That’s why Women@Work are delighted to partner with WaterWipes, who have just launched their NEW WaterWipes Facial Wipes, now available in the UAE.

With only three ingredients – 99.9% water, fruit extract and Dead Sea minerals – WaterWipes facial wipes are a quick and effective way of removing impurities, makeup and mascara, putting your skin first this summer!

WaterWipes Facial Wipes care for all skin types especially sensitive skin – leaving it clean, instantly hydrated and glowing after use. WaterWipes facial wipes are the easiest and purest way to put your skin first this summer.

Unlike other facial wipes on the market, the new wipe has strictly no fragrance, no alcohol and no sting. Don’t just take their word for it; 98% of women agreed the wipes were gentle on their skin, leaving it instantly refreshed and without any residue*. The wipes are approved by Allergy UK and are proudly registered with the Vegan Society. Now it’s finally time to embrace your skin care regime, no matter how rushed it can get.

The embossed wipe texture is formulated with the purest ingredients- Dead Sea minerals and fruit extract combined with the patented purified water technology to effectively cleanse and refresh skin. Gone are the days of hard water leaving your face feeling dry and sensitive. Make-up, mascara and impurities are removed without leaving anything in their place.

Only Three Ingredients:

  1. 9% Water

WaterWipes natural spring water is sourced from an Irish spring deep underground.  All WaterWipes water undergoes seven stages of purification resulting in an ultra-pure solution.  This patented purifying technology results in a unique product that effectively cleanses the skin, without the need for several additional cleansing ingredients.

  1. Fruit Extract

Fruit seed extract is natural, rich in Vitamin C, and has antioxidant properties.  It helps maintain the integrity of the skin and acts as a protective barrier and natural skin conditioner.

  1. Dead Sea Minerals

Known to have soothing effects and for promoting skin barrier recovery.

Dr. Emer Gilligan from WaterWipes, said “Product innovation through ongoing research and development is essential to WaterWipes as a brand. Consumers are increasingly demanding products with minimal ingredients, with little or no fragrance or preservatives. However, it’s challenging to formulate a product with few ingredients that are still effective. Our unique water technology has enabled us to create a product that not only effectively removes make-up, but is pure enough to cleanse even the most delicate skin without feeling irritated.”

New WaterWipes Facial Wipes are available in-store at Spinneys, Waitrose, Choithrams throughout the UAE. You can also find the product online on, (don’t forget the W@W 10% discount!), and Join the conversation #WorldsPurestFacialWipes and follow WaterWipes Facial Wipes @WaterWipesBeauty_ME on Instagram. and on our website.